Function Training

In this section of training, we are highly engaged in providing exercise that directly relates to the daily routine activities. It attempts to drive all those training activities which adapt and develop exercise to individuals without injuries. Also, there are different types of functional training, which includes- Plyometrics, Core Exercise, and Unilateral Exercise.  Participants can look for training which includes- Weight bearing, Balance Disks, Sandbags, Physioballs, Dumbbells, Make balls and others at large level. In this regard, rehabilitation training does not majorly involve weight-bearing activities but target any of the tasks in which patient is having difficulty.

There are some of the major benefits of Functional Training:

  • Increases the easiness of daily routine in life
  • Improvement in muscle memory
  • Increase in flexibility and coordination
  • Improvement in balance and posture of body
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Helpful in joint pain
  • Makes feel happier and more capable